- Hallieoween - Children’s picture Books and Early Readers - The Hallie O’Ween Free Coloring Book!

Post: The Hallie O’Ween Free Coloring Book!

Theoweens - Hallieoween - Children’s picture Books and Early Readers - The Hallie O’Ween Free Coloring Book!

The Hallie O’Ween Free Coloring Book!

 - Hallieoween - Children’s picture Books and Early Readers - The Hallie O’Ween Free Coloring Book!

Are you looking for new and exciting books for your young reader? Are the children beginning readers or more advanced? The Hallie O’Ween series is a collection of books right up your kid’s alley. You can discover the wonderful world of Hallie O’Ween and her adventures through Halloween. She is the shy kid down the road with magic in her heart. Accompanying Hallie through her explorations is her brother Hal, spider friend Bumpkin, and wolf friend Howler. You can begin the adventure through Hallie’s journey with a free coloring page. You can download and print out the coloring book for your children!

Tara Tosten and Kelly Rorvik are childhood friends. They grew up together in Pennsylvania with a love of Halloween and everything magical about the season. Candy, trick or treating, and the fabulous costumes they wore. As they grew older, the two shy little girls found a love for entertainment. Tara made her way to the Hollywood hills in California and is currently a screen reader as well as writing the Hallie O’Ween adventures. Kelly lives in Pennsylvania and is a mom to two beautiful boys. She is currently working on the Hallie O’Ween series and animations.

A coloring page is a great way to introduce your children to new stories and a world of entertainment. The Hallie O’Ween series have several methods to explore and learn. With exciting adventures, there are three age groups to choose from. If your child is just a beginner, download a copy of Hal O’Ween, the tale of Hallie’s brother. Intermediate readers can choose an adventure with Hallie and her brother Hal. Advanced readers can go on a journey with Hallie to the harvest festival, but wait! Something spooky happens at home first!

While the coloring page and coloring books are hands-on, you can also download an auto copy of the stories. If your child is at the very early stages of reading, they can follow along with the books! This method can help them memorize words while being enthralled by the story. Your children will find a new love and appreciation of books with Hallie O’Ween.

Go to the official Hallie O’Ween website to explore what Tara Tosten and Kelly Rorvik have to offer. You can discover a whole new world for your kids. Check out Hallie O’Ween’s animations from their official YouTube channel. Remember to download the coloring page!

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